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Introducing the Hobb App

The Best Trip Planning and Gear Management Application for Your Adventures and Expeditions

      Our application is the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve designed a platform that seamlessly integrates comprehensive gear management and intuitive trip planning to elevate your outdoor experiences. The Hobb App is more than just a tool; it’s a safety net for outdoor enthusiasts. Without proper planning and preparation, what should be an exciting outdoor adventure can quickly become a daunting and stressful ordeal full of dangerous challenges; however, the Hobb App offers a wide range of tools and features designed to limit or to prevent these challenges altogether. Our platform improves the experience of your outdoor adventures, make them not only safer and better organized, but also more enjoyable.


      The gear management system is your first line of defense against being caught unprepared in the wilderness. It allows you to maintain an inventory of gear items, create gear loadouts specific to your activities, and even analyze your gear to ensure no essential items are forgotten. Nested gear organization offers maximum utility and efficiency, potentially saving you from the consequences of carrying unnecessary items. One standout feature is the automatic addition of new gear to your lists when you use our affiliate links found in your custom recommended gear lists, on reviewed gear pages, and on blog articles. A single click save you from the hassle and potential errors of manual data entry and ensures you’re always equipped with the best tools for your adventure.


      Our unique trip planning feature is your guide to avoiding unsuitable locations and to finding perfect destinations. Search and filter through parks, recreation areas, facilities, campsites, and tours across the U.S. You can explore in-depth information, view photos, and sometimes even watch videos about these places. Interactive planning boards and collaboration tools make group trips a breeze, preventing misunderstandings and ensuring efficient resource use. The application also generates reports on gear, loadouts, and trips automatically, and can send detailed itineraries to trusted third parties for safety – a crucial step often overlooked, that can be a lifesaver in emergency situations.


      To further enrich your outdoor adventure journey, our application includes a blog that provides instructional and educational materials. Start planning your next adventure today with our all-inclusive outdoor adventure planning app!


Manage Your Gear

Keep track of all your gear in one place

>> Create an inventory of gear items, which can be assembled into kits and loadouts for various activities such as hiking, backpacking, overlanding, roadtripping, van life, and more.

>> Assign gear loadouts to planned trips.

>> When a gear item is purchased through the app’s affiliate links, it is automatically added to your gear list, saving you the tedious task of manual entry.

>> Analyze your gear loadouts against standard gear lists to ensure you’re not missing any essential items.

Plan Your Trips

From parks to hotels, plan everything in one place.

>> Search and filter through various parks, recreation areas, facilities, campsites, and tours to add to your trip.

>> Use the planning board to jot down notes, calculate driving distances and times between destinations, and add flight and hotel details.

>> Add friends to your trips and assign them roles fro a collaborative planning experience.

>> Once your trip is planned, an itinerary is automatically created with all the necessary information, which can be emailed to third parties for safety.

Connect and Collaborate

Plan your trips together with friends

>> Add friends who are also users of the app and plan trips together.

>> Assign roles to trip members to facilitate the sharing of gear and planning of meals.

>> Make use of planning boards to collaboratively design your trips, including notes, waypoints, and gear lists.

>> Automatically generate reports and itineraries that can be printed, emailed, or downloaded for easy sharing.

>> Keep everyone informed and safe by sending detailed itineraries to trusted their parties, complete with addresses and contact info of destinations and their management organizations.


Explore the App’s Blog

Learn more about outdoor activities and gear

>> Explore the app’s blog for educational materials and instructions related to outdoor activities.

>> Get recommendations on gear items and add them to your gear list directly from the blog articles.

>> Stay updated on the latest gear trends and techniques in the outdoor community.

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